how to shop the sales sustainably.

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We all know how easy is to get carried away in the sales and with the biggest sale season of the year fast approaching we wanted to put together some of our own tried and tested tips for mindful sale shopping. Just because there are bargains to be had Vivienne Westwood’s words “buy less, choose well, make it last” should ring just as true as when making any other purchases.

Shopping mindfully means taking care to only buy what you truly need while resisting those more impulsive buys which can be made all the more tempting by clever marketing!

So, where to start… our golden rule when it comes to buying sale goods is ‘if I wouldn’t buy it full price I’m not buying it in the sale.” That can take restraint when prices are slashed but becomes so much easier with planning ahead. The first thing we’d suggest is taking a good look at your wardrobe and making a list of any key pieces you feel are missing. For example, where are the gaps in my wardrobe and what specific pieces would have helped to pull it together? Most of us have that one pair of jeans or a dress we love on the hanger but never actually wear because they’re crying out for a style of boots we simply don’t own. Alongside these, add any items you would love to own simply for the pure joy they will give you. Mindful shopping isn’t just about practicality, it should bring you pleasure too.

Once completed, the next step is to do your research and keep a note of the brands selling the items on your list as you go. We recommend signing up to newsletters to receive not only a cheeky joining discount code but and also to be the first to know when they do finally go into sale. Early bird access is a great help when you’re shopping mindfully.

When sale time does come around, stick to the items on your list and do your best not to be tempted to buy a size up or down just because your size isn’t available or a random colour version simply because it’s so much cheaper…. Trust me, there’s probably a reason for it!