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The start of the year should be slow and easy in line with the season. We’re still “wintering” after all and nature’s still in hibernation. For many of us that’s easier said than done with busy family life and work commitments but we invite you to embrace a positive winter mindset and take time to nurture yourself.

When the wind is biting it’s tempting to stay indoors and binge watch your current favourite series and that’s no bad thing. But don’t forget to boost your immune system, increase your vitamin D levels and improve your mood by heading outside for some fresh air. It’s so important to keep moving, albeit gently. Whether that’s a daily walk or 20 minutes on the yoga mat you will benefit from reduced stress, enhanced flexibility & strength and improved mental well-being.

These last few winter months are key for staying cosy at home but as tempting as it sometimes can be, so important not to shut ourselves off from the outside world completely. Connection through the darker months is vital to our overall wellbeing. Slip into your most cocooning and luxurious loungewear and invite friends or family over for a warming nutritious meal. In less busy moments take the time to relish the joy of preparing and cooking seasonal meals. Winter cooking should be simple and comforting - think heartwarming stews and casseroles or soul nourishing broths.

We are delighted to have created the perfect loungewear edit with 11Everything. This new capsule collection has been carefully designed to look and to feel great whether you’re relaxing at home, out on a walk or catching up with friends down the pub. They look just as good teamed with heels and a blazer as they do with sneakers or a Birkie. Fashioned from 100% recycled cashmere yarn these garments are softly luxurious to the touch and kind to the planet. We hope you love them as much as we do.

We love a self care treat, be that a long luxurious hot bath with all our favourite lotions and potions or booking something with one of our favourite go to wellbeing practitioners.
Whatever your personal “go to” self care treat may be - and it could be anything from hunkering down with a good book to slowing the pace with a meditative tea ritual we hope you stay cosy and well for the remaining weeks of winter.

We’ve put together a summary of our absolute favourite “go to” local businesses with wellness at the forefront of what they do for you. Each and everyone is a friend of Woven and a key part of our winter wellness. If you know you know, as they say..

• The Light Technique with Katie Light is a holistic 360 (insert degree symbol) approach, a unique combination of wellness therapies (holistic facials, reiki, wellness coaching, breathwork, mind body treatments) developed to guide and support on a transformative journey to emotional & physical wellness. As far as we’re concerned, Katie has magic hands and is one of our favourite humans.

• Become part of the Flow State family. Our neighbours here on Brunswick Street West have created a beautiful community of yoga and movement for every body. From slow, embodied and energetic flow classes through to sound ceremonies, breathwork sessions and headstand jams, it really is like stepping away from the busyness of the day when you walk through their door.

• We’re so lucky to be just the other side of Brunswick place to the Youjuice garage. This is the place to go to feed your body and soul with cold pressed vibrant juices packed with nutrients & antioxidants, smoothies, wholesome soups & broths, superfood salads and much much more.

• Book a therapeutic full body Swedish massage with Rachel at Mon Joli Goods in her beautiful wooden studio in the heart of Ditchling. A little oasis of calm to escape the daily pressures of life and recharge your spirit through the healing power of massage therapy. A therapeutic full body massage that combines various techniques such as long gliding strokes, kneading, percussion, traction, vibration, and compression. Rachel has a vast toolbox of techniques to cover all your needs, which are incorporated into each bespoke treatment.

Enjoy looking after yourselves!

Alby x