All wrapped up... ideas on sustainable wrapping using natural materials.

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I have always loved the simple act of wrapping gifts, it’s one of the most pleasurable parts of gifting and the time I set aside each year for the wrapping of my Christmas gifts is one of my favourite Christmas traditions.

According to an online search it’s estimated that 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away at Christmas. Glossy, glittery and textured wrap may look pretty but they contain significant amounts of micro-plastics making them impossible to fully recycle.

However, with a little more conscious thought, planning and effort it is possible to be both mindful of our impact on the planet and have beautifully wrapped gifts for loved ones sitting beneath the tree. A few generations ago it would have been the norm to save paper for reusing as gift wrap and to choose ribbons rather than single use tape to avoid damaging the paper. This is something I’ve continued to do and there’s still time to start saving paper and tissue packaging for your Christmas gifts.

If you don’t think you’ll have enough, I recommend investing in a ream of acid free tissue paper or a roll of recycled Kraft paper. Both will go a long way and and both options are fully recyclable. I also use saved fabric remnants, I don’t think there could be anything more beautifully festive than a natural linen wrapped gift tied with simple garden twine.

For added embellishment I go out into the garden to collect berries, hydrangea heads & sedum or slowly dehydrate apple slices in the oven. I am lucky enough to have a garden but even if you don’t, next time you’re out on a walk take along a cloth bag and you’ll be surprised what you can find: fallen acorns & leaves, berries, teasels, holly and other evergreen sprigs. You only need a little to create a beautifully thoughtful extra special touch to your gifting this season.