Our Woven Brands





PROJECT AJ117, Denmark

Melting together a bunch of creative people in a small house at the Copenhagen Freeport area in 2011, the idea of creating a 'state of mind' brand with timeless and everyday essentials with a casual and cool look was formed.

The brand name came with the idea to create a common new project, location was in the house number 117 – and the AJ letters came from the two companies involved. Starting the brand we felt we needed to go back to 'Made in Europe,' here we could get the best technicians and workmanship for the look we wanted.

Still located in Copenhagen with an outstandingly beautiful showroom in an old factory, we combine the best of Scandinavian Design traditions and simplicity with the Italian workmanship and finishings.

Having worn this brand for over 8 years we thought it only right to bring this wearable but stylish brand to our customers.

Find Out More: https://project-aj117.com/pages/about-us

(We do not have a sustainable profile as such, we have a responsible profile. That means we will not be able to send certificates etc...

DK14+dk18 is done in organic cotton fabric, but it is not GOTS certified, bcs we would have to add 1 month to our delivery if we should do that...and same for dk18. So of course our products are not marked with GOTS stamps either.

By responsible we mean, we think about how we ship (by SEA and by RAIL) rather than by air. We re-use old boxes for packing to shops instead of using new ones. We do as few shipments as possible. We mainly produce to order, rather than to stock etc...We aim to make products primarily in natural fabrics and using more and more fabrics like Tencel and modal which use less water when finished than regular viscose and that can last for several season, both design and quality wise..We only use synthetic fabric for the nylon jackets, very rarely polyester fabrics or yarns. Our profile is slow fashion.)


HUMANOID, Netherlands

For HUMANOID sustainability is not a choice, a trend, it's an obvious necessity.

We are founded in 1981 (family company) and we are built on the principle of creating and consuming fashion consciously. We have, and will always be committed to integrating sustainable and responsible business practices throughout the brand, with the aim to reduce our ecological footprint while maximizing our positive social impact. We produce timeless designs that seemingly flow from season to season, year after year. Items that are designed to stand the test of time, both in design and make!

Really important for us;

At the starting point of each design are the fabrics and the choices we make for using them. We always look for sustainable alternatives such as organic or recycled fabrics. When it comes to selecting the right fabrics we keep in mind the impact they have on our environment and local communities. 

When choosing our fabrics we focus on different sustainability aspects such as blended fabrics' characteristics vs. recyclability, the footprint of natural vs. synthetic fabrics, and many more. This helps us choose materials such as organic cotton and tencel, certified linen and certified wool. We also research and experiment with new materials such as hemp and bamboo. When it comes to the dyeing process we focus on environmentally friendly dyes and washings. 

Really proud to say;

Working with most of our suppliers for several decades! helps us create transparency. Whether it's supporting local craftsmen or staying socially responsible each of our partners are as committed as we are.  

Since its creation HUMANOID has always used close to home production facilities such as local craftsmen and ateliers. When it comes to larger partners within our supply chain we focus on EU production facilities (about 80% of our production is done in the EU). These partners are in accordance with EU environmental and working conditions legislation (certified) and checked on a regular basis. Together we strive for both an environmental and socially responsible supply chain.

 We still work with local craftsmen in both the Netherlands (such as the suppliers for our bags and leather belts) and abroad (such as India). When working with local craftsmen we aim to create sustainable partnerships that are fair to all involved and have a positive impact on the world.

Find Out More: https://www.shophumanoid.com



A true slow fashion brand with a signature, timeless style. German born Hannoh has been designing beautiful collections for many years and developed a loyal following.

The look is ‘not to tidy’ often with raw finishes and dropped hemlines. Red stitching features on most of his unique garments.

Crafted in Italy in small factories using only luxurious  fabrics and crafted to a high standard this brand is investment buying at its best. Hannoh is effortless, simple and quirky.

Find Out More: https://www.hannoh.net

Nygardsanna, Sweden

A stunning women's collection from Sweden encapsulating simple designs and the highest quality production. Each seasons’ garments can all be worn together and styled to suit the individual, Anna has created her ranges to be worn and become more loved with age.  “ I create my best clothing when I am on site in one of the factories. With the fabric in my hand, I can take care of every little detail, like a craftswoman.

Nygårdsanna clothes are understated. They should never outshine the wearer. We believe that no garment is complete until someone wears it – until it belongs to someone”

Sustainability is at the heart of this brand using natural materials such as linen, wool, ramie and recycled cottons. Colours are muted and develop a patina over time. Shapes are easy and timeless giving the wearer a long lasting wardrobe of clothing. There is a definite DNA to this brand which has been dressing women for over 20 years.

Find Out More: https://www.nygardsanna.se/about 


Julia, the designer,  was born in the midst of wool balls. The 30 years of family knowledge in the knitting industry drove her to create her own story: MAISON ANJE

Freshly graduated from fashion school Atelier Chardon Savard, she launched her first collection in 2016. Julia’s challenge is to offer a feminine and trend-led vision of knitting whilst remaining trans-generational with high quality and precious yarn. Her knowledge of blending yarns ensures the garments keep their texture and stand the test of time.

Find out more https://www.maisonanje.com/en/



The spirit of TANTÄ is born out of the rainy Basque environment and it represents a passionate search for excellence in the performance of materials, the simplicity of forms and the functionality of details.

TANTÄ’s 100% waterproof rain jackets have been developed for business environments and for leisure time away from town. Their waterproof and breathable latest generation fabrics ensure versatility for everyday wear, in all activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All Tanta  products are Oeko Tex Certified. TANTÄ goes for Oeko Tex that controls and limits chemical use far beyond applicable national and international standards.



Shepherd of Sweden, founded in 1982, is a lifestyle company with offices and warehouses in Svenljunga and our own manufacturing in Europe. Our vision is to provide the market with the world’s most attractive brand for sheepskin and wool products with Scandinavian design. Shepherd of Sweden’s product range includes slippers, shoes, home furnishings and accessories. Shepherd products are sold throughout Europe, the United States and parts of Asia.

Swedish design tradition emphasises care for every little detail. They  work with materials they love-natural, timeless and authentic. 

Find out more  https://www.shepherdofsweden.com/eu/about-shepherd