Our Story 

Before starting woven store, our founder Alex Thompson had a successful career in fashion and retail both on the shop floor developing a highly regarded skill for styling customers and behind the scenes working as a buyer and as a fashion agent, a role she continues today with sister brand Woven the Agency. The creation of Woven Store came about in 2018 as the genuine culmination of everything Alex enjoys and believes in alongside the motivation to foster a more thoughtful and considered approach to how we shop, dress and live.That vision continues to be at the heart of our business. We believe fashion is for everyone yet should never be either fast or disposable. We’re aware there’s no single solution to the climate issues facing our industry but if we buy less and buy authentically with an awareness of where things have come from, how they’ve been produced and who by we are making a good start and that is why we are passionate advocates for slow fashion.Buying with a conscience and making each piece work together creates a wardrobe of clothing that is loved for years. We believe in curating small edits of clothing, accessories and lifestyle products that fit seamlessly together and over time will give our customers a wardrobe and a home filled with fewer items made by people we trust, artisans who produce responsibly and continue finding ways to do so better.


Social Responsibility

Woven store aims to only work with brands and makers that produce all its products as responsibly as possible. This is a continuing process between Woven Store and the people we work with. We know that everything we do has an impact on the environment and we want to take responsibility for this and act as sustainably as possible in the running of our business. We will do everything we can to reduce the effects of producing fashion garments and believe that a starting point is by buying less items that are well crafted and stand the test of time by creating our own style rather than throw-away fashion. As part of our commitment to a more positive environmental impact we ensure that every item we buy has been thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials with the intention of being worn, used and loved time and time again. We are firm believers and advocates of longevity and transeasonal dressing over passing trends. Carefully chosen lifestyle goods that will enhance your life by being both useful and beautiful.

Woven store are aware of the waste of energy, paper, food and other materials. All disposals are separated and we are always looking for ways to reduce, re-use and reduce waste disposal. Our goal is to use environmental certified consumables and have spent time sourcing our packaging carefully so you can be assured that it is made from either recycled or biodegradable materials. We also encourage our suppliers to use recycled plastics or other environmental preferable materials and solutions. As a company, we are committed to minimising our impact.

We have a conscience.