tips for buying your summer trousers.

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Nailing a good shape in trousers can be tricky and one of the hardest garments to find as all brands cut and size is so variable. With stores also selling brands from overseas throwing more sizing differences into the mix as these brands tend to design for the general shape/size of their country.
We’ve selected styles that are easy to wear, comfortable and well-cut. During the warmer months crunchy cotton fabrics tend to be cooler to wear than linens and we love the texture to create interest in a basic item.

Italian brands such as Apuntob, Aequamente & Hannoh always deliver on good trousers and pay attention to creating interesting, wearable silhouettes and thoughtful details.

Here’s some top tips for selecting the best styles;

1. If you have shorter legs tuck the front of your top into the waistband creating the illusion of length on the bottom half.
2. For pear shaped figures wide styles are best that flare from the bum but keep your top on the neater side to balance out the figure.
3. Decide what you want/need from your trousers before buying, look at the styling possibilities - dress up/down. This will give you the most from each pair. Also consider the colours; if investing in a more expensive design often it’s best to choose the neutral colour palette to ensure longevity.
4. Invest in shapes that are timeless and crafted from quality fabrics.
5. Try playing around with the hems, turn-ups can work well and can both a casual or dressy look with a change of footwear. try using a hairband on extra wide styles at the ankle to change the look up completely.
And finally…Spend money on getting your trousers altered so they fit perfectly it makes all the difference. If you have a small waist you can get your tailor to take out a triangle shape from the back so they sit neatly and don’t need a belt. Take shoes with you to get the leg length right too.

Check out our selection online and please get in touch if you need help with sizing or styling. We will state on each product the UK size we think each style fits to help you make the best choice.

Alby x