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I am somewhat of a magpie when it comes to ceramics & pottery, leaning towards the more simple designs that just seem to sing and of course, how these pieces feel in the hands when held. I can always seem to justify adding a beautiful bowl or adding a beaker to my ever growing collection.

Sarah Deere-Hall, our new maker for June has created some stunning pieces for us to showcase in-store and we couldn't be more happy with how her collection fits with our style at woven store.

Sarah is a potter based in Hove, Sussex.  She creates visually simple, understated, elegant pots using stoneware clays.

 Although focussing on form and balance, Sarah embraces the serendipitous hand and tool marks of the making process which give her unique pots their character.

 She uses a muted, neutral palette of matte and satin glazes and oxides, allowing these basic earth materials to work their magic during the alchemy of glaze firing. Her work is wheel thrown and then turned to define the foot or refine the profile. Her bowls, vessels and jars are bisque fired, glazed and then high fired to create both beautiful and functional pieces.

Sarah loves playing with contrast in her work- raw and glazed, honed and natural, textured and smooth, often leaving the exterior unglazed to exploit the natural colours and qualities of the clay body. The resulting surfaces are subtle and enhance rather than dominate the quiet form of her pots.

Alby x