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We are beyond excited to finally have this beautiful brand on board at Woven Store. Having bought elsewhere over the years we truly have a tried and tested approach to the styles we have selected for this season. Quality and comfort are at the heart of this Japanese label that resides in LA, style shape and form give the clothing a cool edge.

Black Crane believes that clothes are a tool of living, we couldn’t agree more.

They believe they should be comfortable, relaxing and useful in your everyday life. Their design concept is to create wardrobe essentials that elevate your life. Focusing on inclusive silhouettes that compliment all body shapes and lets your own personality emerge once you put their garments on.

They create an effortless yet polished design with natural fibres that are renewable, biodegradable and non-lasting. Black Crane minimizes waste by limiting to two collections per year with a cut to order production system to avoid overproducing. Using only low-impact dyes, which do not contain any chemicals or mordants whilst also using significantly less water during the dying process.

Since the beginning the founders have been committed to producing the collections in Los Angeles working closely with their local community and ensuring the highest standards for employee welfare and building a long lasting relationship with their makers. As a result, they have attained the best quality production and visit the factory most days during the process.

The founders Alexander Yamaguchi (director) and Momo Suzuki (designer) both relocated from Tokyo to realise their careers, Momo has a background in architecture and interior design which is evident through out her clever designs for the brand.

You can shop Black Crane both in-store at Studio 50 and online.

We hope you love it as much as we do!