the humble shirt.

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The classic shirt is part of modern life dressing but this useful garment is steeped in history. Originally a gentleman’s’ item or considered an undergarment. The first shirt has been traced back to a linen garment from around 3000BC which was discovered in 1930 in a Dynasty Egyptian tomb. This useful item of clothing has taken many forms throughout the years with not only peasant workwear influences but also the more flamboyant styles during the french revolution. The shirt is now the most elegant, versatile and fundamental item for both men and women.

We love a shirt here at woven HQ, always easy to wear all year round with or without layers. So many ways to style this humble garment; wear it loose, tuck the whole thing in, various small tucks in your waistband, tied at the waist…the list goes on!
So worth investing in a classic white shirt that fits you well, play around with textures and shapes to find what works for you and your lifestyle.
One of our favourites has to be the Clarence shirt by Hannoh Wessel, we love the wide cut of this style. If you prefer something longer Project AJ117 have designed a knee length tunic style as well as a neater fitting shape if you are a small build.

Whatever style you choose get your shirt game on!

Alby x