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Friend of woven @mathildawears talks about her style and how it has evolved over the years.

Hi, I'm Mathilda and I'm a 45 year old mama of 5. My style has evolved hugely over the last decade but the core had always remained the same. Simplicity. With the gradual addition of hundreds of tattoos and children this has never felt more essential. The busyness of life and all the vibrant colours and shapes now scribbled over my body mean when it comes to choosing outfits, easy fits, clean lines and block colours are my go to. As I've aged I've definitely grown more confident in my body and I've almost exclusively moved away from black in favour of both bright and muted colour. Whilst in the past I loved its ability to cover a multitude of sins, black now feels way too harsh against my skin and never works too near my face.  

The beauty of ageing has meant that the number of f*cks I give about the 'perfect' body have diminished. My body has been 'perfect' for me. It's sustained not only a huge amount of partying but also housed 5 beautiful, healthy children. It's really quite wonderful. So no longer will I hide it but now I embrace and even celebrate its wobbles and curves.  

With a tiny waist and hips for days I alternate between relaxed flowing dresses in the summer and in the winter, accentuate my waist with high rise trousers paired with simple T-shirts or blouses.  

For me styling should be fun, it's an incredibly personal experience and is often shaped by external factors such as someone's body image, budget and confidence. The most important thing is though, that it's unique to you. The more comfortable you feel in what you've chosen the more confident and 'right' that fit will look on you.  

Featuring pale grey linen shirt dress by nygardsanna & small leather bag by Pkirkwood.

We absolutely love the way @mathildawears has styled the items bought from us, go check her out on instagram for spring inspiration.

Alby x