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Chalk Path Studio.

Amy’s beautiful products couldn’t be more up my street, neutral and clean designs that stand out in any room.

Chalk Path Studio is an interior lighting and homewares studio based in Hove and founded by designer Amy Murrell.
Inspired by the natural world, I create pieces that connect us to nature. Each piece is created as a response to the landscape and the materials that can be found within it. Creating colour and texture by experimenting with natural materials that I find foraging along the coast. The collection is entirely handmade and sustainable.
My work is directly inspired by the landscape of the South Coast. I get such a sense of peace and belonging on my walks along the coastline, giving me the space to reflect, and in turn the chance to feel calm and unbound, these are the moments that I try to bring into my work. The Sussex landscape’s rolling downs, craggy white cliffs, vast stretches of coastline and miles of well-trodden chalk paths are all echoed in my hand crafted designs.
I choose to work with sustainable materials like recycled paper, limestone and chalk and use gentle processes like natural air drying to create calm, elegant pieces that embrace mindful and meaningful design.
Perfectly imperfect, no two pieces are the same but one thing they all have in common is that they are transformative examples of the beauty found in nature.

Come and fall in love with this stunning interiors brand in-store at Studio 50, Hove.
Amy will be hosting a workshop to make a set of chalk candle holders on Saturday 22nd July, spaces are limited so please get in touch with her to book your place

Alby x