connections series. Part one, maker P Kirkwood.

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This season we will be talking about the people we’ve connected with on our journey at woven store.
Not just the wonderful makers & designers but also people who are involved behind the scenes and have helped us along the way.

Paula Kirkwood is a designer and maker of leather goods and has been busy crafting our phone pouches that we launch for AW22.
Sustainability and simple, functional design are at the heart of Paula’s brand.

Having worked with Traid, (a textile charity that turns clothing waste into resources) running their in-house studio TRAIDremade her love of sustainably produced products was firmly embedded, something she carries through into every item made.

Paula only uses responsibly sourced leather that is vegetable tanned which considerably lowers the environmental impact and reclaimed military canvas, waste is kept to a minimum.

A true advocate of slow fashion and quality craftsmanship creating enduring designs that are made to last. We had the pleasure of visiting Paula in her Brighton workshop just 10 minutes away from us. The smell of leather was incredible and warming, tools and new samples hung on the walls and music played tin the background. It felt like Alladins cave with so much to look at. There really is nothing like watching a true craftswoman at work taking such pride in her process of creating.

We love her mission statement “bringing customers one-of-a-kind accessories with a story behind every stitch”

You can find all of Paula’s designs on her website