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Part two, Tosier Chocolate.

Finding a great chocolate brand for Woven has always been something I was on the look out for….the wait is over!

For me, the whole story and ethos behind Tosier chocolate was a perfect fit, alongside it being one of the nicest products I’ve tasted, no bitter after taste or grainy finish…trust me I’ve been researching!

I previously had no idea how lengthy and involved the process of bean to bar was and can now appreciate the craft of chocolate making.

At a trade show recently I was lucky enough to meet Deanna who is the maker and mother of this family run small batch business and hear her story. Having been a chocolate fan and tasted many different styles around Europe Deanna decided to learn how to make by taking various courses and launched her brand in 2017. The business has now grown and from staring the production in their basement at home they now work from a converted dairy which seems very fitting even though the brand is vegan.
lit’s such a treat to connect with makers and hear how passionate they are about their craft.

Tosier is surprisingly a vegan chocolate, which, having tasted it all, is hard to believe as the finish is still creamy. Each bar is single origin and made from at least 60 beans which considering a cocoa pod only holds around 40 beans and the tree itself might only yield 30-40 pods is quite amazing.
Once the fermented but un-roasted beans reach Deanna it takes 48 hours to stone-grind each batch and then another 30 days before it can be tempered into bars, and then each individually wrapped.

We absolutely love the brands transparent supply chain which ensures the farmers get a fair price which, in turn, create a meaningful impact for cocoa-growing communities. By making in small batches it enables Deanna to keep a close eye on every stage of the process and produce the best quality chocolate which has now won many awards.

It has to be tried for sure!

Alby x