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Woven store was born not only from a love of good quality, simple & functional clothing but also an idea of less is more; not only in terms of design being uncomplicated but also the amount we consume.

We therefore chose to focus on small collections most of which are trans-seasonal and can be worn year round. There was such an overwhelming choice in the market which needed narrowing down. I handpick brands that suit my own personal style (slightly boyish and suitable for everyday use) and chooses key pieces over pointless volume. I need to be able to dress everything with trainers even if it’s a slightly dressier garment.

Stock levels are small meaning less waste, we try to ensure that the clothing all works together so no matter the year or season our customers can build a wardrobe of items that can easily be put together as outfits. Layering is fundamental ensure our clothes work hard for us.

A firm belief of woven is that buying quality pays off, I want my customers to cherish the items they buy for years to come, myself owning items that are many years old and still ‘go to’ favourites in the closet.

I love how good quality garments age, the patina of a life lived, crumpled and loved. How the fabric becomes softer and wears in places.


Alby x