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wardrobe refresh.

As we emerge from the winter season, could there be any better time than now to take a look in the wardrobe and decide what we do and don’t need. It’s a well known fact that we only ever wear approximately one third of what we own and by removing the overwhelm of choice we promise you dressing will become so much easier!

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking the time to think about and create your own uniform, a wardrobe of looks and styles that fit with your own unique lifestyle. So where to start? We’ve put our heads together to share with you Woven’s top 10 checklist. One word of advice before you start…. Be ruthless!

1. Carve out a good half day in the calendar to immerse yourself in the task at hand without interruption.
2. Take out all the items that no longer fit or haven’t been worn in the last 12 months and put to one side. We’ll deal with those later.
3. Separate out your seasonal items and identify which pieces can be worn year round with layering, these are the pieces that will work hard for you.
4. Look at your current lifestyle and pinpoint what it is you need from your clothes ie; working wardrobe, everyday lounging etc.
5. Think about how items could work paired with each other and have fun creating new previously undiscovered outfits. At this stage you might find it helpful to make a list to refer back to, we find ours invaluable for the days we need a bit of inspiration.
6. The goal going forward is to create as many outfits as possible from fewer pieces.
7. If you don’t already do so, we strongly advise putting all your holiday pieces in a separate box.
8. Now is a great opportunity to see if anything needs repair or general TLC so it’s wear ready next time you want it. It’s so much better to repair than replace.
9. Once you’re ready to put everything back sort by work, social etc and into colour blocks if possible. Make sure the pieces you wear most often are easily accessible.
10. Pinpoint what you need to either replace or to bring looks together in your wardrobe and create your shopping wish list.

Tips on care & storage

1. Ideally it’s better to wash your clothes as infrequently as possible prolonging their life and that of the planet.
2. We advise using environmentally friendly products
3. Jumpers & knits are best kept folded to avoid losing shape and if you can, store in airtight containers with lavender to keep moths at bay.
4. Jeans work best folded in colour groups for ease of wear
5. Fold or roll your T-shirts to maximise storage space
6. Invest in good hangers as not only is it pleasing to the eye but will keep your hanging garments in shape.
7. Thicker hangers work well for coats and jackets.
8. Have you thought about visible mending? It looks beautiful and there are so many great tutorials online.

Going back to those unwanted items - please be mindful when discarding old garments and whatever happens, keep out of landfill. Recycle if beyond repair, donate to a charity shop or sell on with your local pre-loved store or via Depop etc.