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A new year and a new beginning for us all. Over the course of the last week or so we’ve been inundated with articles and advertisements promoting a new year and a “new you". Not for us thank you. Surely January, a generally grey and cold month, isn’t the time for punishing ourselves or depriving ourselves of all those little treats that make life happier. While some hurtle into the new year others prefer a slower start and although either is absolutely fine we fall into the second camp.

For us, the start of a new calendar year is an opportunity for quiet reflection, to rest, to set intentions for the year ahead and to be kind and nurture ourselves with compassion. We’re all for taking a more holistic approach to January and easing ourselves in to the months ahead. Winter is all about steaming bowls of slowly cooked stews, long blustery walks, unwinding in a hot bath, box set bingeing in front of the fire and curling up for an early night with a good book. We’re hibernating and self care, both physical and mental, will be an important element of our slow and gentle approach to this January.

One of our favourite ways of taking care of ourselves is by including skincare self care rituals and well being tools to help us connect deeper to ourselves so we’ll be turning to our favourite plant-based skincare and aromatherapy brand Ede. The Ede collection is 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free with a modern perspective on aromatherapy and ways to include self care in our everyday lives.

For days when our skin is feeling a little out of sorts we’ll be applying the brightening & resurfacing Born Again Treat Mask, lighting a candle and sipping on a herbal tea while we take 10 minutes for ourselves. We also love the Post Shower Nirvana Body Oil, a multi-use product ideal for keeping winter skin beautifully nourished and hydrated. Overflowing with anti-oxidants and essential nutrients to help keep your skin glowing. Enjoy straight from the shower slowly massaging into the skin to help release tension or add a few drops to your bath, lie back and deeply breath in the mood-boosting aromas of warming sweet orange and grapefruit alongside the calming effects of black pepper and cedar wood.

Hibernate mode or no hibernate mode, daily life continues so we’re never without a roll on therapist or two tucked away somewhere in our bag for those moments when we feel in need of a boost. There are four to choose from and right now our go to’s are Morning Brew for a citrus filled vibrant boost and Press Pause, simply roll over the insides of your wrists or temples and let the leafy woody aroma help ease your anxiety and worries.

Take care of yourselves & each other. 

Alby x