Makers Month.

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Dove and Myrtle.

Our October Maker of the Month is our Studio 50 neighbour and friend, Dove & Myrtle.  Dove & Myrtle is a luxury bespoke studio florist specialising in romantic and joyful garden style florals for weddings and events throughout Sussex.  

Alongside her bespoke wedding work, over the last few years, founder Jane has fallen head over heels in love again with dried flowers so once the wedding season starts to slow down around the start of autumn, her studio becomes a hive of activity as she starts weaving wreaths from all the flowers, seed pods and grasses collected, saved and dried throughout the year.  Dove & Myrtle’s style is incredibly natural and distinctive with a focus on texture and colour, something she developed originally as a Woven Textiles graduate long before she became a florist.

This background in textiles also led Jane to experiment with natural dyes using kitchen scraps such as avocado, onion skins and tea to create the knocked back hues she’s drawn to for her clients bridal bouquet silk ribbons.  For this AW season, a collaboration with 11 Everything has resulted in a collection of recycled and dead stock cashmere scarves individually bundle dyed using fresh and dried flowers, kitchen scraps and botanical powders.  Each one is unique and beautifully captures the colours and patterns of seasons past.

Janes beautiful creations have transformed the studio into a calm autumnal haven filled with dried bunches, ready styled vessels and her one off bundle dyed scarves and bags which work perfectly with seasons collection.

Alby x