the art of layering.

Alby ThompsonBy Alby ThompsonSeptember 26, 20195 Minutes

A fine art
Collecting favourite items and learning how to wear them year round.
For example, Sweden – yes you CAN wear linen in the winter!
Another attribute of sustainability is about getting more wear out of your clothes.

We look to Sweden and other areas of Scandinavia for layering advice. You never hear them complaining that they can’t wear this or that or that it’s too cold. This is because they are prepared for it, a prime example of this is evident in NygårdsAnna’s autumn winter collection every year without fail. We layer a linen top with their organic cotton long-sleeved T’s (second skin) underneath and a cosy cardigan on top.

Cycling shorts are not just for the Tour de France – We discovered these handy items last winter and wore them under lighter weight trousers with long wool socks having to get a bit creative at a very snowy Fashion Week in Copenhagen!

In colder months, the under layers of your clothes are so important as they are what will provide you with warmth and comfort without limiting your wardrobe. A fine linen or wool jersey will not only provide you with cosiness, but can add interest to you outfit if visible, and make your layers look purposeful. Once those key pieces are purchased your wardrobe will open up to year round wearing. In the coldest of months cosy knits and cardigans can be stylishly belted over clothing. Lighter under heavier jackets that can easily be kept on indoors.

These fundamental garments are well worth the investment and we want to help you get it right. Before finding the right ones for you, consider your clothes – shapes colours and fabric, also considering how taking the time to choose will ensure you find versatile pieces you love so you can buy less. This is also a great way of sustaining your clothes as not only are you getting more use out of what you already own, but also reinventing it.

A few tips
We tend to lean towards machine washable for ease unless you love hand washing! But also don’t over wash your clothes. Cycling shorts are great under a lighter summer trouser with longer wooly socks! A slim fitting thermal vest will fit underneath anything.

Woven’s Favourites- wool jersey leggings, long vests (tucked in to keep kidneys warm) and long sleeved T’s from NygårdsAnna.
Lighter linen jersey long and short sleeved T’s from Vic and Bert look great with their shaped hems hanging out from jackets or knitwear.

Genevieve Sweeney socks not only look good but are super warm and all crafted in the Uk using traditional methods, perfect with our clogs or sheepskin mules or with your favourite old sneakers.

Having this extended use of our clothes really encompasses the meaning of sustainability giving us much more value from the more expensive items in our wardrobes, and what could be better than that?