Alby ThompsonBy Alby ThompsonJune 16, 20205 Minutes

woven store. was originally created from the motivation to foster a more thoughtful and considered approach to how we shop, dress and live by offering an alternative to the fast and disposable nature of much of the fashion industry.   

That vision continues to be at the heart of our business.  We’re aware there’s no single solution to the climate issues facing our industry but if we buy less and buy better with an awareness of where things have come from, how they’ve been produced and who by we are making a pretty good start and that is why we are such passionate advocates of slow fashion.

Living a simpler life has so many positive benefits for our general wellbeing. Is it any coincidence that when lockdown started so many of us immediately started clearing away the clutter?  Removing visual distractions leads to a reduction in stress, increased feelings of calm and better focus; especially beneficial if you find yourself having to work from home more at the moment.  And less “stuff” means more time, time to spend on something we enjoy, something that serves us better than figuring out what to wear each morning be that 10 minutes enjoying the garden with a coffee or reading one more chapter of our book.

Each year we launch four collections – 4 edits 4 seasons 4 life.  Four edits of clothing, accessories and lifestyle products that fit seamlessly together and over time will give our customers a wardrobe and home filled with fewer items made by people we trust, people who produce responsibly and continue finding ways to do so better – we never sell anything we don’t personally love or want to use ourselves. 

As part of our commitment to a more positive environmental impact we ensure that every product we buy has been thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials with the intention of being worn, used and loved time and time again.  

Purposely making a decision from word go only to work with and build relationships with like minded brands who share our ethos we’re able to provide Woven Store customers with timeless combinable pieces that with layering work all year round regardless of the shift in seasons.  We are firm believers and advocates of longevity and transeasonal dressing over passing trends.   

Sustainability will always be at the heart of every decision we make. We’re acutely aware that every action has an impact on the natural world and we are always looking for ways to reduce, re-use and minimise waste – from actively maintaining limited stock levels thereby reducing textile waste to operating a paperless delivery process and choosing only to use recycled or biodegradable packaging.  

Moving forward it is our aim to eventually only work with brands that are 100% slow, sustainable or recycled and we are on a mission to find the things that fit with our ethos and style.

As in all areas of life we continue to learn, adapt and evolve so welcome any recommendations you have for how we can improve on what we’ve started.