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Alby ThompsonBy Alby ThompsonOctober 22, 20205 Minutes

We all know how important it is be mindful of eating plenty of fresh fruit and veg, to keep moving and to stay hydrated in order to boost our immune systems when the weather turns colder but what can we do to help our general sense of wellbeing?  

It would appear that resilience is key and being outside during daylight hours is an instant mood lifter even on the greyest day.  Yep, we hear you, it can be pretty hard to find the motivation to leave the house if you don’t need to when it’s really cold, but taking just a few moments to breathe in the fresh air can have a dramatic impact on your spirits and encourages clarity.  So wrap up warm and turn your face to the sun as often as you can.

We’re total converts to introducing small rituals to keep ourselves happy, healthy and motivated throughout the winter months and one of our favourites is setting an evening aside regularly for a night in with a steaming bath, pampering products that smell as good as they feel and our favourite tunes on repeat.  

Time to indulge ourselves by spending more time cocooned at home surrounded by our favourite things and cooking up nutritious and warming dishes to enjoy straight from the bowl with a good book for company. Colder nights call for bold flavoured spices and aromatic herbs in the kitchen chosen for their grounding and comforting properties.

If winter’s all about roaring fires and retreating to a warm cosy space then nothing says cosy quite like a gently scented candle.  The soft flickering of the flame is almost meditative and if you pick the right ones the fragrance can help you relax too.  Be sure to choose soothing scents like lavender which can be found in our vegan & cruelty free Amber & Moss candle or why not escape to warmer climes with Golden Coast, full of Big Sur magic – wild sage baking in the sun, sea salt, uplifting eucalyptus and cleansing palo santo.  Sounds good to us!  

What could actually be better than slipping on your “comfies” and snuggling up on the sofa in the softest socks and a favourite knit after a long day?  Rest and sleep are even more important during the winter months and we need no persuasion, we’ll be happily heading bed ward a little earlier than usual and sending ourselves off with a few night-time stretches and meditations.

We’ve compiled a list of a few of our favourite things related to this journal post and would love to hear yours.

Alby x

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