conscious gifting.

Alby ThompsonBy Alby ThompsonNovember 13, 20205 Minutes

Christmas 2020 is going to be different and what we’ve taken for granted in previous years now seems so much more precious as we head into the festive season.   Christmas at home with loved ones is where we’re hoping to find ourselves and alongside hugging everyone that little bit harder and longer, we’ll be letting them know how much they mean to through the small act of giving beautifully wrapped thoughtful and considered gifts.  With everything going on in the world around us it’s never seemed more important or relevant to promote a shift towards conscious gifting.

This is not the year for cheap and mass produced presents flown thousands of miles to reach your tree only to end up discarded in landfill within weeks once they’ve served their short-lived purpose or ceased to work altogether.  We believe in Christmas magic and to us that means thoughtful gifts chosen specifically with that special someone in mind, ideally sustainable and made with care but always to be treasured.

Conscious gifting doesn’t mean expensive, that’s not what we’re advocating at all.  We believe in buying better with a focus on being kind to the planet and the value to the receiver so it simply requires a little more thought as opposed to digging deeper financially.

This season, Woven has done the work for you by carefully sourcing a range of thoughtful and useful gifts to suit every pocket.  Warming slipper socks and felted slipper mules, deliciously fragranced candles and diffusers, cosy sheepskin hot water bottle covers and insoles; all perfect for softly cocooning the ones you care about and wrapping with love this Christmas.

Once you’ve selected the gifts you’d like we’ll beautifully wrap in a gift box using 100% recycled and natural materials.  If your gift is for someone you can’t be with in person this year please let us know and we’ll add a handwritten card with a personalised message before posting direct to the receiver.

Of course, Christmas is about so much more than the giving and receiving of presents.  While all things festive are more commonly associated with good times and loved ones it’s important to remember that’s not the case for everyone and our communities need compassion and kindness more than ever right now.  Let’s do what we can to help no matter how small.

shop small love large.

Alby x