Humanoid 2019


From its origin in the 80s HUMANOID has always chosen its own course. True to the new wave and punk era in which it started. “HUMANOID just happened”.

There is a firm conviction in advance. The rock-solid belief that with only the best materials and attention to detail, the best collections can be made that pass from season to season. HUMANOID is independent, strong and uninfluenced by hype or temporary trend.

Unique characteristics:
• Using only the best fabrics
• Designs and patterns are all made in our in-house studio
• The collection is mainly produced in Europe
• Every item is an item to discover while styling or wearing
• Each collection contains handmade, fairtrade and sustainable items
• Every item is made with craftmanship and love


The styles from this Swedish brand are understated, the garment should never outshine the wearer. Anna designs for all body shapes and creates collections that fit seamlessly together from year to year with focus on simple designs with attention to detail and quality production.

Traditional workwear and mens tailoring influences are evident in each collection.

The garments are made to be used, become worn and acquire a patina over time.

Only natural fibres are used such as linen, wool and ramie which is a super sustainable material made from a weed. Anna only uses the best production facilities in Estonia and Latvia and strives to be as sustainable as possible.


Vic and Bert

“Thank you Jane Birkin for providing me with infinite outfit ideas and confidence to dress like a boy but act like a girl”.

Melanie the brands designer arrived in Lorne, Australia from london after working in the fashion industry for over 25 years.

Vic and Bert was created as a simple, well cut affordable collection, one that with each seasons collections can be worn together and styled to suit every individual very much fitting with our ethos at Woven Store.

it focuses strongly on quality fabrics and yarns. the fit of each garment offering perfection in its execution. The collections are made in both Australia and China with trusted factories that Mel has been working with for many years.


H+ Hannoh Wessel is an icon of “slow fashion” which promotes timeless silhouettes, sustainable materials and effortless garments of authentic beauty.

Natural materials such as Silk, Linen, Cotton, handwoven Wools and linen/wool blends feature throughout the collection. The garments are crafted by experienced Italian artisans and treated with different dying and washing methods that make each item unique.

Feminine and masculine inspirations combine into modern and comfortable clothes made for working and travelling.

The silhouette is easy to wear but at the same time sophisticated with singular details that render them timeless pieces. Raw edges are a regular feature on the garments.



Korean born Sunu Lee created the label to showcase her designs inspired by the fusion of two cultures.

The concept combines her passion for traditional Korean dress with utility influences and its neutral colour palette, alongside British cut and tailoring.

The style is clean, effortless and uses superior production techniques.

The collection focuses on quality fabrics mainly sourced from Italy and Japan and is crafted in Sunu’s home country Of South Korea working with trusted factories.

Kitty Clogs Sweden

Based in the Uk this brand has fallen in love with the Swedish Clog. With the help of a family of gifted craftsmen living in the wonderful wild forests of Southern Sweden they create conscious clogs that are connected to their roots.

Their Forest family have been crafting the traditional Swedish “träskor” [wooden shoe] since 1959. Today, they combine their skill with the brands contemporary designs to design distinctive, luxurious clogs and a touch of the shoe’s earth origin to our urban jungle.

Kitty Clogs is taking a stand against fast-fashion that’s mass produced and made not-to-last. The brand’s focus is on sustainable, ethically sourced fashion that’s connected to its roots. Only natural materials and traditional, time-honoured manufacturing methods are used to create conscious clogs for the modern market.

Bronte Bags

Bronte Bags are crafted with love pride and a boho vibe.

Every bag is hand cut, sewn and assembled by designer and maker Rachel Galbraith in a small East Sussex workshop within the South Downs National Park.

The materials used to make Bronte Bags are leather and Hungarian grain sack linen, hand-picked and chosen for their natural marks and imperfections. This is all part of the unique and individual quality, making each bag bespoke and … there is beauty in imperfection.

A Bronte Bag will span the seasons with a subtle nod to current trends.

Roo Bannister, Accessories

Roo started her jewellery brand this year, alongside studying History with Innovation MA at the University of Bristol.

Inspired by the Ancient World and treasures by the past, Roo creates jewellery that brings artefacts into the everyday and makes ancient design both accessible and educational.

Her ‘Pillars of Strength’ collection of maple wood hoop earrings, draw themes from the marble columns of the Classical World. Each piece is a unique creation; hand crafted by her own two hands using traditional and ancient-rooted techniques.

Wholecloth Studio

Wholecloth Studio

Under the name Wholecloth Studio quilt maker Elli Beaven produces  one-of-a-kind quilts and quilted goods made for the modern home.

Her work draws on quilting’s rich history of make do and mend, utilising high quality repurposed and waste textiles made from natural fibres.

Quilts are made using a mix of freeform, improvised piecing alongside more traditional designs and techniques and are all machine pieced and hand finished in her Hackney studio.

Genevieve Sweeney

With a naturally innovative approach to knitwear design, Genevieve Sweeney creates custom yarn blends, sources British spun natural fibres as well as selecting eco and sustainable blends from Italy.

Genevieve Sweeney socks are made in Derbyshire by a family-run mill established in the 1930s. Knitted in luxury fibres with the highest quality finish to guarantee a luxury sock with an ultimate comfort that lasts.

The brand is committed to sustainability and collaborates closely with manufacturers across the UK. With the fashion industry now placing great importance on provenance, Genevieve Sweeney embraces the ethical practices and responsibilities of a premium British brand.

Aura Que


Every AURA QUE design is developed in collaboration between UK designer Laura Queening and the small producer groups she works with in Asia.  We look to use traditional skills and local materials as much as possible, aiming to encourage empowerment through work for the individual producers who make our products.

Each product is brought to life in various charity handicraft units or WFTO producer groups that employ local people that may be affected by discrimination or disabilities, providing an income for themselves and their families according to fair trade principles.

Designer Laura Queening is passionate about working directly with small producer groups and charities, thriving on the technical challenges throughout the creative process, whilst working face to face with interesting people from different cultures and feeding her wanderlust!

We really hope to create beautiful quality products and gifts that can be treasured and used season after season, whilst considering ethical and environmental principles as much as we can.  The people we work with are important to AURA QUE, with our main aim to encourage empowerment to disadvantaged people in countries such as Nepal.

Woven Store, lifestyle goods

In addition to our clothing edits we have been designing a small group of products, all handcrafted, that are useful and unique to Woven Store without compromising our vision on design.

Working with crafts people not only in the UK but worldwide to support artisan craftsmanship and create a true Woven lifestyle with items that are ethically made and stand the test of time.

Woven Store Pottery by Anna Sandberg

A collection of useful beakers, cups and bowls made by hand in small runs in Sussex.

Our collection is made from durable stoneware with a part glaze design allowing the natural finish of the stone to be seen. The small imperfections of the craftsmanship is, we think, what gives the range its beautiful rustic finish.

“For me, it’s all about how each piece feels in the hand and the ease of holding, cupping the hands around a good cup of tea”

– Alby

Etchd, pottery

Founded by two Vietnamese Australian-born sisters who wanted to combine their own ideas for fresh, modern design with quality handicraft skills. Every collection is handmade, no exceptions.

Their ethos lies in the cultivation of artisan skills coupled with good design. Choosing to work closely with family-owned businesses in Vietnam who benefit from generations of traditional handicraft skills and ensure they are passed onto future generations.

Most of the products are designed in London but occasionally mixed with other pieces that they feel need to be showcased, such as the Terrazzo concrete and quartz planters.

The debut etchings collection is sourced from a second-generation brother-sister duo from Hanoi. With its monochrome base and textural hand-etched design, the etchings collection encapsulates this ethos and is merely a taster of things to come.

Parigotte, organic teas

Parigotte is a Brighton-based specialist organic tea company.

They only select 100% organic premium teas and herbals, with no added flavourings.

Parigotte are committed to using eco-friendly packaging. As a small company they believe that pleasure, wellbeing and respect for the environment are the perfect recipe for a healthy lifestyle.


We have been drinking Parigotte teas for some time now and have bought you our favourites from their range.

Juno, natural skincare

Founded by Julie Johannsen, Juno skincare evolved from the simple belief that what you put into and onto your body should be natural and chemical free.

After two years of thoughtful experimentation, research and sourcing the very best ingredients, Juno skincare was ready to launch. Juno prides itself with its in-depth knowledge; the ingredients, their scent and their therapeutic qualities. they have harnessed and created combinations which deliver products which make you feel amazing inside and out.

All products are handmade by Julie in small, fresh batches at her home in Brighton.