behind the brand.

Alby ThompsonBy Alby ThompsonApril 17, 20204 Minutes

At woven store our ethos is to work with trusted brands who share the same values as we do.

This is the first in the series of ‘behind the brand’ featuring Eastbyeastwest.

EASTBYEASTWEST is an independent women’s wear label established in 2008.

The story behind the label began with a little girl growing up in Korea.

When Sunu was young her mother and father (Eomma & Appa) had a business selling traditional fabrics for Korean costumes. The colours were so vibrant and the shapes so strong that it was like theatre to Sunu’s eyes. Clothing swirled in Sunu’s imagination at this early stage and it was enough to sustain her interest through school and on to University in Korea. Not long after she decided to embark on an MA at the LCF. Moving to London provided a completely different cultural landscape to Korea and a fresh source of inspiration that would shape her future designs. Whilst studying, Sunu also met her future partner Daniel who was in the capital following a course in Design at Goldsmiths. Their shared passion would go on to inspire each other.

Through their experience they found a place of balance in the clothing industry and three core values would come to define the ethos of a new label. These are Natural Materials, Ethical Production & Timeless Design and with that EASTBYEASTWEST found its home. The fashion world runs on the basis of an SS and AW collection each year, however EASTBYEASTWEST designs are not defined by this and far less by fashion itself.

EASTBYEASTWEST uses beautiful natural materials to create well made garments and Its classic designs can be worn year after year, gaining character with time and love. The garments are mostly produced in Seoul, S Korea & India where the label has established relationships with trusted manufacturers, who provide safe working conditions and decent wages for their employees. These are small scale producers who only work with quality focussed labels that care about working conditions and the environment. All materials left over are recycled into new household products or insulation. Some designs are also produced in the U.K.